Another L-System Object Generator

Obtain ALSOG

ALSOG comes in two versions, a “shareware” version free of charge and a “full” version that contains all features.

Download Shareware Version

The shareware version allows you to test ALSOG. It contains most of the editing features, but lacks the possibility to export the results. See the features-page for a comparison between the shareware and the full version.

Download ALSOG Shareware Version (version 1.0.0, zipped archive)

Download ALSOG Shareware Version (version 1.0.0, Microsoft installer)

Purchase Full Version

The full version of ALSOG contains all available features. It costs 25,- Euro (about 30 US-Dollars). The licence allows to install the application on any number of computers, provided only one person can use it.

You can obtain a licenced copy of ALSOG via PayPal. A window will open within which you can process your payment and download a licenced version afterwards. We give a strong advice to save the file to a known folder.

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