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ALSOG has a lot of features beyond other L-System applications. Please find the most interesting ones below.

Lindenmayer Systems Support

Several extensions to simple term-replacing rules exist. ALSOG supports most of them. Please find a summary, below.
Supported Lindenmayer System Types
Short Description Full Version Shareware Version
stochastic Rules with same conditions may be randomly chosen, regarding their given probability.
context sensitive Not only the replaced symbol, but also its left and right neighbours are regarded when checking the conditions.
parametric A term may hold parameters used for evaluation of conditions and a later interpretation of the term.
Further Lindenmayer Systems Options
Short Description Full Version Shareware Version
variable, albeit defaulted interpretation Each atom's interpretation can be adjusted in different ways.
definition of own functions and variables The user may define own functions and variables.

Exported Formats

ALSOG allows to save the shown Lindenmayer System as an image to file, but the shareware version is limited to images of 300×300 pixels in size max, and only .bmp-files may be generated. ALSOG also allows to save the generated 3D-objects into a file. Please note that the shareware version lacks this feature completely. The following table shows which image formats are supported.
Object Export
Extension Description Full Version Shareware Version
.obj Alias Wavefront
.flt Openflight
.osg Native OSG ASCII
.ive Native OSG binary
Image Export
Extension Description Full Version Shareware Version
.gif GIF Image
.bmp Windows Bitmap
.jpg Jpeg Image
.png Portable Network Graphics Image
.tiff Tiff image

Visualisation Features

ALSOG has a wide range of rendering options, please find a summary below.
Visualisation Options
Short Description Full Version Shareware Version
variable shapes A term may be represented by a line, a tube, a cone, a sphere (ball), or a torus (donut).
full openGL material support Each term may have a complete openGL-material assigned, including ambient, diffuse, specular and emissive colour as well as shininess.
openGL material palettes Each term may get a palette of openGL-colours instead of a single colour assigned.
up to eight lights The scene may be lighted by up to eight different lights, where each may have an own colour and position.

Included Data

ALSOG comes with more than 150 unique examples, some of which are missing in the shareware version.

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